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Falcon Studios: Plunge - Gay DVD
Starring: Joey Stefano, (Falcon Pac 066)

Falcon Studios, Plunge, Joey Stefano



Summary: Heralded as a celebration of summer sensuality, this Falcon classic centres on the lusty, spunk-filled poolside games of some of its greatest stars. Sit back and re-live the glory of the pre-condom era.

Controversial it might be, but the plain truth of the matter is that Falcon's decision to re-release a collection of their pre-condom classics has thrown some much-welcomed gems back into the porn market. Of which this offering, set against the backdrop of poolside fornication, is one.

Scene 1: Joey Stefano & Lon Flexx
Lon Flexx is relaxing in a hot tub when Joey Stefano walks up and inquires about the water. Lon invites him to get in. It only takes a few minutes for Joey to get accustomed to the water and his immediate surroundings. Joey sucks on his big dick enough to coax him out of the hot tub and into his tight ass. (This scene features in The Best of Joey Stefano



Scene 2: Andy Mantegna and Luke Bender
Andy Mantegna is lounging by the pool and looking through one of his favorite magazines. This publication is so good that Andy has to take off his bathing suit and start stroking. Andy must have been a boy scout because he is very prepared with some dildos and lube in his duffle bag. Finally, Luke Bender comes across Andy and is able to give him the real thing. Andy is so grateful that he eagerly sucks Luke's big dick and is rewarded with an assfull as well.

Scene 3: Joey Stefano, Doug Niles and Steve Kreig
Joey Stefano is in the poolside hot tub while Doug Niles and Steve Kreig are soaking up some sun on the lounge chairs. Joey successfully coaxes Steve into the hot tub while Doug looks on with interest. Sun, water and big dicks are the key ingredients for this hot three way. (This scene features in The Best of Joey Stefano





Scene 4: Buck Tanner, Rod Phillips, Cal Jensen
Buck Tanner and Rod Phillips are sunning on a raft in the pool when Cal Jensen jumps in the pool and sends them into the water. Rod and Buck pull Cal out of the pool and pin him down onto a matt poolside. Soon Cal is doing just as he is told and no longer has to be restrained. Which is a good thing because he needs everything he's got to take care of these two.


Joey Stefano whose gorgeous image dons the cover is the main star of this flick; with a hot jacuzzi scene between him and Lon Flexx to start. Some magnificent cock-sucking and finger-fucking ensue; with Flexx finally shafting Stefano bareback. Later, Stefano snares Doug Niles and Steve Kreig, who are sunbathing on the side of a pool. Having watched as Stefano bobs his butt up and down in the water, Niles then watches as Stefano's mouth slurps the length of Kreig's fat cock and what a fantastic, seductive scene it is. It's almost as if he knows how beautiful he truly is, with his dark eyes panning to the camera as he sucks dick. By this point, I must confess that I was in serious need of some tissues; and the situation was made even worse when Stefano proceeds to get rimmed and sucked simultaneously by the other lads, before taking Kreig's cock up his ass (bareback, of course!)

It would be wrong to say that Stefano is the only subject of desire here, however. The scene involving Andy Mantegna as he pleasures himself with a dildo, before Luke Bender arrives to fuck his mouth and man-cunt, is equally wonderful. As is the scene which sees Cal Jensen pinned down (his hands tied by Speedos) by Rod Phillips and Buck Tanner. Nevertheless, Stefano is truly as hot as they come, with his come-to-bed-eyes and magnificent manhood, and is surely worth every last cent paid him by Falcon to perform.

Of most interest, however, has to be that the action is all very much sans-condom. Morality aside, there's just something about seeing naked flesh filling a guy's butt-hole; and like it or not, the studio knows exactly what it's doing by re-releasing this flick (and others like it). So take the plunge and re-live the glory days of porn. When men were men, and cocks slipped inside just that little bit easier!

Fans of Joey Stefano can also see him in Falcon Studios: Revenge More Than I Can Take

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Just out:
The Best of Joey Stefano featuring 2 scenes from Plunge Click here for more information or to buy

Falcon Studios, The Best Of Joey Stefano

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Additional Information

Running Time: 90 mins, Year: 1989

Starring: Joey Stefano, Andy Mantegna, Steve Kreig, Luke Bender, Lon Flexx, Doug Niles, Rod Phillips, Buck Tanner and Cal Jensen

Director: Steven Scarborough

Studio: Falcon Studios (Falcon Pacs 050-099 - Years 1987-1995)

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Member site: Falcon Studios

Country: USA, Language: English


Book: Wonderbread and Esctasy - The Life and Death of Joey Stefano
This truly sordid autobiography and expose takes you behind the scenes of the fast life and slow death (by overdose) of one of gay porn's brightest stars, superstar "bottom-boy" Joey Stefano. Never flinching in it's true depiction of drug abuse, hardcore gay sex, the making of porn films and living the "good life", this book is not for the squeamish. After reading this facinating book, be sure to check out Joey's full library of films. Just go to the search engine on our gay adult page, type in his name...and you're off!
Also starring: Joey Stefano: The Best Of Joey Stefano
Falcon Studios, The Best Of Joey Stefano

Experience The Best Of Joey Stefano as gets down and dirty the way you like it! See what makes Joey Stefano a true Falcon Legend! He literally perfected the term "superbottom", as no one seemed to be able to take a cock with as much ease and make it look so damn fucking hot. No slouch in the blowjob department either, Joey knew how to please not only the masses, but his partner and seemingly himself as well. Seven scorching hot, full-length scenes from some of Falcon's greatest titles of all time make this collection a must own. Essential viewing for all of his fans!

Cast: Joey Stefano, Lon Flexx, Troy Hunter, Lou Cass, Rod Phillips, Adam Grant, Vic Summers, Chris Stone

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Falcon Studios, Best Men 1 -  The Bachelor Party

Lucky Tony Capucci is getting married so his buddies decide to throw him the biggest, raunchiest and most unforgettable send-off before his big day. And Las Vegas is the perfect setting for the anticipated fireworks.

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Also available from Falcon Studios: Best Men 2 - The Wedding Party
Falcon Studios, Best Men 2 - The Wedding Party

Who's got the Wedding Day Blues? Tony Capucci and Andrew Blue are scheduled to walk down the aisle, but with this band of merry men, you know their journey is going to be sidetracked. From the horny wedding party to the hot and raunchy staff, everyone gets sucked into the festivities and fireworks.

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Also available from Falcon Studios: Roman's Holiday
Falcon Studios, Roman's Holiday

Exclusive Roman Heart travels down to Argentina, eager to lose himself and revel in the excitement that is Buenos Aires. He learns that it does take two to tango, but the more partners to cavort with, the better.

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