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Falcon Studios
Falcon Studios: Dare - Gay DVD
starring: Braxton Bond and Riley Burke

Falcon Studios, Dare, Braxton Bond, Riley Burke

Written and directed by award-winner Jett Blakk, Dare follows the adventures of three strangers who unwittingly cross paths on their way to Los Angeles.

A car... a journey... a madman... a sexual awakening... thousands of miles with a cast of characters. Join the journey if you dare. Life gets complicated when an innocent young man unwittingly becomes the target of a psycho druggie and other intriguing men with issues.

Falcon Studios, Dare

When young Drew, an aspiring actor, sets his sights on Hollywood, the characters he meets along the way provide enough drama to fuel a soap opera. There's drugs and sex, screwy mixups and sex, raunchy trucker sex, drunken gangbangers and rough sex, and finally true love, sex and yes, the promise of a new day.

Dare is the exciting story of three men who unwittingly cross paths during individual journeys to Los Angeles. All three have very different reasons for being on the same road that brings them together: Psycho Sam (Lou Cass) has a mysterious backpack to deliver, Drew (Riley Burke) is hoping to make it big in Hollywood, and Wood (Braxton Bond) isn't quite sure where he's going or what he's looking for - but he's looking. Soon after Wood picks up a hitchhiking Drew they run into the shady Psycho Sam and make the mistake of inviting him along for the ride to L.A. An intense game of Truth or Dare takes place along the way, making this an adventure full of danger and sexual escapades.

Scene 1: Cort Donovan and Noah Driver

Falcon Studios, Dare

Rule One: The game of Truth or Dare can be initiated by anyone in the car at anytime, and play is mandatory. Little does Riley Burke know how much trouble his thumb is about to get him into when he is picked up by nomad Braxton Bond. After a quick game of Truth or Dare sets the tone, they pull over for a meal. Server Cort Donovan stumbles upon fry cook Noah Driver stroking his meat in the back. Driver and Donovan serve each other his own meat and buns leaving us hungry for more roadside service. Psycho Sam (Lou Cass) leaves his mark and the three head back to the car to continue their journey.

Scene 2: Erik Rhodes and Tyler Riggz

Falcon Studios, Dare

Rule Two: The passenger list can be changed at anytime. Campfire stories and a night of beer bring our hitch-hiker out of his sleep to witness Bond getting a little trim from Cass' ass. Roadside high jinx ensue as trucker Tyler Riggz and business man Erik Rhodes hook up in the bathroom to trade blow jobs. Shortly after Riggz plows Rhodes' ass, Bond finds an unconscious and twitching Cass in a nearby stall with a belt around his arm.

Scene 3: Tyler Saint, Matthew Rush, Dallas Reeves and Eric Blaine

Falcon Studios, Dare

Tempers flare and Riley eats dust only to reunite down the road at a saloon where he rescues Bond from being gang-raped by an angry group of locals. Bartender Matthew Rush, angry that their prey has been rescued, takes it out on Mason Wyler's big boy butt.
Falcon Studios, Dare

Each guy takes a turn on Wyler's ass until Roman Heart joins in the rear end fun.

Falcon Studios, Dare

This backwoods-bar-gangbang leaves no hole unbarred as Dallas Reeves, Tyler Saint and Eric Blaine join the other men in spraying bottom boy Wyler with their jizz.

Scene 4: Riley Burke and Braxton Bond

Falcon Studios, Dare

Back in the car Truth or Dare turns into a self awakening as Braxton and Riley feud, and then finally make amends. Rule Three - always use a rubber - brings the boys together more than ever in a roadside motel. They flip flop and then get off. The rest is up to you to discover on your own. See how it ends and where they end up.

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult,

Running Time: 123 mins, Year 2008

Price: Around £29*

Starring: Cort Donovan, Noah Driver, Erik Rhodes, Tyler Riggz, Matthew Rush, Roman Heart, Mason Wyler, Tyler Saint, Dallas Reeves, Eric Blaine, Braxton Bond, Riley Burke

Director: Jett Blakk

Studio: Falcon Studios

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Member site: Falcon Studios

Country: USA, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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The practice was rough, the coach was tough, but this talented team of young rugby players have the goods to score on the winning team not only on the field, but just as handily in the locker room, shower, gym and dorm. These guys and their coaches are the men we'd all like to play with hot and sweaty, severe and punishing, ready and willing to make every scrimmage count.

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Falcon Studios, Overtime

Hard work is at a premium for the overtaxed employees who have to deal with ridiculous schedules plus impatient and difficult bosses. It's not enough to put one's nose to the grindstone. Maybe adding some tongue and ass and cock will do the trick. Who knows, the surprise bonuses might prove a hearty incentive for invaluable service.

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Falcon Studios, Fleet Week

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Fleet Week was inspired by President Theodore Roosevelt’s “Great White Fleet” — sixteen battleships manned by 14,000 seamen circumnavigating the globe — in 1908. In years since, Fleet Week has offered tarheels from across the country an unmatched opportunity to take advantage of all that sparkling port cities like San Francisco have to offer... and take advantage, they do!

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